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Aromatherapy Swedish Massage

30 min £30.00 / 45 min £40.00 / 60 min £50.00

A classic deep tissue relaxing massage, using essential oils blend to suit individual needs and preferences. This holistic treatment is increasing blood and lymph circulation in the body helping to relieve toxins and relive stress and muscle tensions.

Aromatherapy adds the value to the Swedish massage by helping reduce a range of symptoms and helping with mental and physical wellbeing

Hot Stone Massage

60 min £50.00

Very popular in winter time! This specialty, healing therapy uses basalt volcanic stones, heated to 120-150 degree. Heat penetrate to the body up to 3cm deep. The effect of the stones is 5 times stronger then a normal massage

Back / Neck /Shoulder Massage

30 min £30.00

Back Massage is one of the types of a massage therapy that clients enjoy the most, and need the most! Using special blend of essential oils and herbs extract it helps to eliminate tensions, back pain, stiffness and provide much more benefits to the body

Best Seller! 3-in-1 Back Massage

60min £50.00

This is real treat! It include all benefits of a hot stone massage, Swedish massage and feet massage!

Indian Head Massage

30 min £30.00 / 45min £40.00

Experience the art of Indian Head Massage, an Ayurvedic type of massage that has been around for over 4000 years. This powerful treatment balance the body’s energy flows and relives the effect of stress. Involves massaging upper back, shoulders, neck, head and face. Indian Head Massage is performed while sitting in the comfy chair.

Unique feather that makes each session more comfortable and relaxing- heated bed
Unique feature that makes each session more comfortable and relaxing - heated bed
Back, shoulder, head and other massages are conducted in the chilled out atmosphere
Back, shoulder, head and other massages are conducted in the chilled out atmosphere
Chiled out and relaxed atmospehre in beauty room
The Beauty room atmosphere is achieved by various accessories in Asian style
  • Hopi Ear Candling

    45 min £30.00

    Hopi ear candles—is non-invasive treatment of the ears, used to treat hay fever, head-ache, high pressure in ears/head, anxiety, stress. It is very relaxing treatment overall

    Incl. ear examination, candles, lymphatic head and face massage with essential oils

  • Face Massage

    30 min £20.00

    Face is the only are of the body where muscles attached to the skin rather then bones. Regular face massage helps to bring more oxygen to the skin by increasing blood circu-lation, removes toxins, relax muscles, prevent from sagging, tone and lift the skin.