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Hands and Feet Beauty Treatments in Richmond
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Hands and Feet

Hands treatment - Manicure

File and paint - 20 min / £18.00

Manicure - 45 min / £27.00

Luxury manicure - 70 min / £45.00 luxury manicure: Deep nourishing mask with heated mittens, followed by relaxing massage, finished with OPI


File and paint - 20min / £18.00

For your feet - Pedicure - 55 min / £32.00

Luxury pedicure - 80 min/ £50.00
Incl. in luxury pedicure: Deep nourishing mask with hot booties, following by massage , finished with OPI polish

Podiatry pedicure - 90 min/ £65.00
Incl. in Podiatry pedicure: Cuticle work, exfoliation, hard skin removal with professional podiatry drill, deep nourishing mask, hot booties, finishet with OPI polish

Additional extras

Shellac / Gelish polish - extra -£10.00

Shellac removal - extra -£5.00

Shellac removal with mini manicure - £22.00

Shellac removal with mini pedicure - £27.00

Please bring your flip flops for your comfort during the pedicure treatment

The products, used for Manicure and Pedicure, are well famous:

OPI nailpolish
Essie nailpolish
CND Shellac certified salon
manicure and pedicure in Beauty salon in Richmond
OPI nail products
classic red Manicure