Compay Policy.

Company Policy.

Payment & Cancellation Policy: There is no charge to book an appointment and no personal debit/credit card details will be taken at the time of making an appointment. However, a 24 hour cancellation period is required or an additional surcharge will be required during the next time of the appointment. The amount of a surcharge on a working day is £10 and on Saturday - £20. 

Change of an Appointment date: In case the appointment in subject is a regular treatment that is in daily service, the Beautician will deem to offer a first available date or compromise on the date, preferable for the Client. If the appointment is for the treatment on promotion / voucher or as advertised online, the treatment can be reserved for the next available date within the stated promotion period. No treatments in this category can be replaced or booked for the date outside the promotion period. The cancellation policy of 24 hours is applicable for this category of appointments.

Medical Advice: Certain medical conditions may preclude you from having some of the treatments available. 

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