About Your Beauty & Skincare Therapist in Richmond - Dana

I believe that before you entrust yourself into my hands, you have the right to know about me, as your Aesthetician / Beauty Therapist.

What is my background and experience ?

1993 - 2007.

I have solid background in general medicine as I gratuated as a medical nurse in 1993. Since then I have been working several years in a public hospital, genecology and emergency units. in 1995 I have continued my education in dentistry, specializing as a Dental Nurse. From 1999 until 2007 I have been working in a Dental clinic.

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Combination of Medicine and Beauty Therapy.

2007 - 2009.

While working as a dental nurse I decided to combine medicine with aesthetics. I have studied at City & Guilds for Beauty Therapy diploma, and graduated with National Qualification NVQ2 and NVQ3in 2009.

During those years I have been working in parallel as a Trainee Beautician in a local Beauty Salon in London.

Full-time job in Beauty Therapy in London.

2009 - up to date.

Once I gained my diploma and qualifications, in 2009, I have moved to work as a Beauty Therapist in a busy, stylish and modern hair and beauty salon near Liverpool Street, London. I had a fantastic 3 year experience in that vibrant and busy place, sharpening my professional skills. I have learnt a lot from my colleagues, who were coming from all over the world, hence I had a chance to learn traditional Thai massage, Japanese head massage, polish manicure technique, etc.

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What specialisation and qualifications I can offer as a skincare therapist for beauty services in Richmond?

In the past years, I have gained new trainings as 'Acne Treatment and Application of Glycolic Mask' certificate from Rosactive Institute. I have gained extensive knowledge in acne skin condition and treatments. This knowledge helps me on a daily basis to deal with my client.

With extensive knowledge in medicine, I have taken a course in 'Massage in End of Life Care Training', provided by Whipps Cross University Hospital in London.

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What is my Specialization and Accreditation in:

  • I have achieved Expert Qualification in Dermatologic therapy, awarded by the Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories(DCL);
  • I have been awarded a Level 3 NVQ in Beauty Therapy (General Route) by City & Guilds ;
  • I am a certified member of BABTAC (British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology);
  • Shrinking Violet and Faith Lift Conversion Courses and obtained a certificae of Achievement by Tibby Olivier;
  • Accredited Certificate from Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories (DCL) in subjects "Peels and Product Knowledge" (2013) and "Bio Surface Peel"(2014);
  • Dermalogica Expert Status, gained in 2014
  • Dermalogica IonActive Power Treatments diploma, obtained in 2017;
  • I have received the Certificate by ACQUISHINE in Dermatological knowledge in Aquashine and professional application in 2018.
  • Diploma in No-needle Mesotherapy (Hyaluron pen) and Hyaluron Filler Administration, issued the Beauty Institute in 2019
  • I have valid Licence to provide Beauty therapy business services, issued by the Richmond Council running from 2010 up to now.
BARBICIDE Covid-19 Health and Safety certificate
BARBICIDE Beauty Industry Certification
certified in DCL and BABTAC
certified in DCL and BABTAC
certified in Dermalogica and Rosactive professional cosmetics
VTCT registered
the Guild og Hollistic Therapies
Medical school CMA Registered