What are the face treatments one should NOT do home?

While postponing your regular visit to a skincare specialist, you may switch it up or use unknown skincare products, it is likely to be counterproductive. Stick with the routine and products that have been working for your skin. Take this time for your skin to recharge. Don’t wear makeup. Let your skin breathe....

⚠️ Doing extractions or aggressive exfoliation or trying a chemical peel on your own are big no-no’s when it comes to at-home skin care.

It’s not a great time to get a rash from an allergic reaction, an infection from that at-home micro-needle tool or a scar from trying to do your own extractions.

For the safety of your skin, don’t attempt to do treatments that only a licensed professional, like myself, should be doing. For example, avoid doing extractions and avoid chemical peels, which can be very harsh on your skin.

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agressive exfoliation and peels