What are the benefits of doing anti-aging facial? ✩

Most of us don't do anti-aging facial at least once a month, and this is really a shame. Benefits that come from consistent anti-ageing facial can have a tremendous impact on the health of your skin later on in your life.

Look at it this way: you go to the dentist regularly for a deep cleaning, the gynecologist for an annual exam, and your doctor when you’re not feeling well, so why wouldn’t you treat your skin (aka the largest organ of the body) with the same respect?

Benefits of Anti-aging Facial:


While over-washing your face or going overboard with products can actually cause your skin to become more broken out, regular facials can help control an acne-prone complexion. Proper exfoliation and products can help make extractions easier (best done by an expert) and aid in the absorption of treatment products.

At-home spot treatments can help with the look of scaring, whereas a professionally done glycolic peel helps reduce the appearance of large pores.


When circulation is sluggish, the skin can appear to look dull, pale, and, lackluster, hence massage can improve vascular function and blood circulation, thus promoting a healthy, glowing complexion.


Exfoliation should be a part of your weekly routine, but your monthly facial with peel or exfoliating mask, performed by an Expert, will reawaken the skin and bring radiance to your look.


Daily home care is the key to maintenance, but a thorough deep clean once a month in a specialised Beauty Salon can help with the absorption of Skincare products you apply at home.

Anti-Aging facial once a month allows you to achieve your skin care goals more effectively, whether that means increased hydration, a more even skin tone, rejuvenated skin, a smoother and calmer complexion, eliminating dullness, minimizing pores, promoting ageless beauty, or a combination thereof.

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agressive exfoliation and peels

Skincare Therapist Dana practices wide range of anti-aging facials, based on personalised skin condition, in the range of basic up to advanced facials with application of anti-ageing peels / dermabrasion / anti-aging injections/ bio-revitalization / mesotherapy / microneedling (Dermapen) / ultrasound (non-invasive Mesotherapy) / anti-aging serum. More about these treatments read in Face section - Chemical Peels page. Read in my BLOG the article "All about Peels", where you can find out more information about peels types, each type advantages and disadvantages, as well as which type would be more suitable to your skin.

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Dermalogica BioSurf Peel in Beauty Salon in Richmond
\Dermapen facial in Beauty Salon in Richmond
Casmara peel-off mask in Beauty Salon in Richmond