What cosmetic clay to choose for your face mask ?

White or china clay (kaolin)

An affordable eco-friendly product that is widely used in food, medical and, of course, aesthetic purposes.
In facial care, it is more often used for oily skin types. It dry out blackheads, relieve inflammation, whiten and tighten the skin, cleanses and tightens the epidermis, absorbs excess fat, cleans and visibly narrows the pores. It also has a light whitening effect and helps to even out the face shape.
Kaolin is also a good antiseptic, very often it is added to bactericidal and anti-inflammatory skin products or used as an independent remedy for acne.

Blue Cambrian and other clay

It has many useful aesthetic properties, including good cleaning and powerful disinfection of the skin. That is why this clay is so popular in the fight against acne. This is just a gift from nature for the problematic and prone to greasiness skin.
It smoothes, mattifies and slightly brightens the skin, accelerates the metabolic processes in its cells, quickly soothes inflammation, deeply cleanses the pores, dries the puss of the head of acne and prevents their spread, helps to improve the complexion.

Green clay in the face mask

It is actively used in aesthetic medicine and, just like the two previous types of clay, it is recommended mainly for especially oily skin.
The green color of this rock is given by its constituent silver, which, upon contact with the skin, activates metabolism that slows down the process of ageing.
Reduces large pores, pulling out all the accumulated dirt from them, permanently eliminates the greasiness of the skin, improves skin condition with acne, and promotes rejuvenation.

Red Clay

It has a calming effect on the sensitive skin, prone to allergic reactions. Quickly removes redness, eliminates itching and irritation, enriches the epidermis with oxygen.
Red clay may be used in case of skin dryness, peeling, and fading. It cleans the pores, but it does not dry, as, for example, white clay, smoothes wrinkles, and in general has a positive effect on any type of skin.

Pink Clay

Pink clay is a combination of red and white clays. This is a universal remedy that will suit almost any type of skin. Brightens the tired, faded and dehydrated skin, tightens the facial contour that has swollen with age, visually evens and tones the face, smoothing wrinkles, while not drying out, but, on the contrary, softens the skin.
Soothes especially sensitive epidermis, gently cleanses and removes dead skin cells, revealing bright, fresh cells underneath and giving to a face a matte finish.

Yellow clay

The use of yellow clay in beauty products for face is primarily advised to the the oily and combination skin types, but the remedy also tones effectively the drooping mature skin, relieving its fatigue, reducing and preventing flabbiness.
As for the other useful properties of this clay, it improves the skin color and its saturating with oxygen, removing toxins, removing inflammation process when breaking-out, gently removing dirt from the pores, greasy shine and sweating.

Black Clay

It is also called volcanic clay due to the origin from where it derives - places where volcanoes have previously erupted.
It is an excellent beauty product for the skin of oily type, suffering from excessive greasiness and the appearance of acne. Deeply cleanses clogged pores, contributing to their narrowing, by doing the mask regularly black clay normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands and reduces the amount of fat secretions produced, reduces the appearance of blackheads and acne.
Improves the drooping face contour, which is especially important for anyone over 40.

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Clays for face mask

Clay skin benefits

Facial care at home includes non only berries, vegetables, fruits, dairy and other natural products, but also various types of clay – natural minerals deriving from different parts of the world. All of clay types are known for their strong mineral content, as it contains mineral salts, magnesium, selenium, and zinc and have a positive effect on the condition and health of the skin.

In most cases, clay is recommended for highly oily skin with enlarged and polluted pores. Clay is also an excellent aid in the fight against purulent acne and break-outs. But some of its types can be successfully used for dry, sensitive and fading skin.

In particular, clay, used in aesthetic medicine, produces a lifting effect, tightening and correcting the face shape, smoothing and smoothing the skin.

For aesthetic purposes, it is better to choose the clay in powder, this can be bought in almost any pharmacy, and its price is usually insignificant.

On the basis of clay powder of different colors, you can make a variety of masks for any type of skin, it is quite simply diluted with water and combines well with other components.

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