Friends Don’t Let Friends Share Beauty Products (Here’s Why) ☝

I already imagine the day when the lockdown will be lifted and everyone will rush outside to socialise and meet up frantically with friends and far family members.

We shall start visiting homes again, may weekends and nights out at places that are not our home. Good to remember what skincare and make-up products you absolutely shouldn’t share:

⚠️ Prescription products

There’s a reason these products are prescribed: they’re curated and measured for an individual only.

Depending on the product and ingredient, prescription-strength skin care may also be stronger than what your skin needs. Meaning, it could damage, dry out, or make your skin more sensitive.

⚠️ Jar based

If you open a jar that has a lot of finger indents going on, you should probably reconsider or even drop the idea. In case you are desperate to try this product, make sure you have a sterile ladle to scoop it out.

⚠️ Reusable sponges, makeup brushes, and facial cloths

Unless they’ve been recently washed and freshly sanitized, don’t risk sharing cloths and sponges and definitely skip the sharing if you can tell the tools are still damp.

As tempting as it may be to just reach for what’s closest, opt for Q-tips or a paper towel. Especially if you have sensitized or sensitive skin.

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do not sghare skincare products with anyone