Natural oils for body and face made of nuts and grains

As it was already mentioned in the blog article "Natural oils", skin oils are mainly produced by cold pressing natural fruits and vegetables, generally from nuts, grains, fruit seeds and fruits pulp. Among oils, obtained from nuts and grains, there are:

Almond oil

Full of vitamins A, group B, E and F, as well as other components, this oil has a beneficial effect on the skin and hair. This facial oil is well suited for nourishing, softening, and rejuvenating any type of skin, and, of course, for the skincare around the eyes.
It is especially recommended for excessively dry, and already beginning to lose its freshness, tired skin. So, in case of skin hypersensitivity, oil quickly removes the irritation and also has a calming effect on the inflamed skin.
For normal skin type, this oil is used for preventive purposes, and in the care of combination skin it is used to avoid the expansion of pores on its oily areas (forehead, nose, chin) and for prevention of skin peeling in the lips and cheeks area.

Cedar oil

In its useful and healing properties, cedar oil is significantly superior to almost all other natural oils. The unique composition of this oil makes it simply indispensable in the aesthetic medicine, as well as in other industries.
Useful elements in the content of cedar oil are:
👍 vitamins A, B (B1, B2, B3) and D, which are also responsible for the good condition and health of the skin;
👍 vegetable fats and proteins that according to their nutritional value exceed those of animal origin;
👍 macro and microelements, such as phosphorus, magnesium, copper, iodine, zinc, manganese, and others.
It is well suited for any skin type, but it is especially recommended for dry, fading and sensitive skin, as well as for treating skin diseases.

Flaxseed oil

It is one of the most nutritious oils, used in many fields, and, of course, in the face skincare. Unrefined flaxseed oil contains essential vitamins F (the biggest part in proportion), A and E, and unsaturated fatty acids.
It is great in care for the dry, flaky, fragile, flabby and wrinkled skin. It also calms down various skin irritations, has a wound-healing effect, and helps in the treatment of certain skin diseases.

Wheat germ oil

Being structurally dense oil, it is advised to be mixed with other natural oils. It stimulates the regeneration of skin cells, has good nourishing, softening, and anti-inflammatory properties, helps to increase the elasticity and firmness of the skin, rejuvenates, and smoothes the facial wrinkles.
This product is one of the richest vegetable oils in content of vitamin E, which is responsible for maintaining and prolonging the youthfulness of our skin. It also contains vitamin A, group B, D, PP, polyunsaturated fatty acids, lecithin and other elements that affect the condition and beauty of the facie skin.

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