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  • Proper skin care at 25 +

    Facial skin care for someone who is 25 should be focused on preserving beauty, given by nature and preventing the appearance of early wrinkles and puffiness as a result of joyfully unhealthy lifestyle. What exactly is it to be done?

  • Proper skin care at 30 +

    Around 30 the first signs of aging would become visible, first wrinkles would appear, the skin would become less elastic. Everyone faces skin fading, but the intensity of aging depends on your heredity and how good you take of your face. What should you do?

  • Water for wrinkles prevention

    Being a universal solvent of many chemical elements, water is absolutely indispensable for improving the quality of life, including slowing down the process of ageing in the body. What kind of water is the best and what does it do to our body ?

  • Natural oils for skin. Are they good for your face and body?

    Natural oils are one of the most unique and irreplaceable products used for targeted skincare. Such oils are many times superior to almost any manufactured beauty and skincare product.

    What is the reason why the oils are so good?

    They are 100% natural productsπŸ‘

    They contain lots of vitamins, microelements and minerals πŸ‘

    They do not cause allergic reaction πŸ‘

    Wish to know what are they and why to use them? πŸ˜‰πŸ‘

  • Rules of skin care at 40 and over

    Having crossed the 40-year mark, for many women it will no longer help to use ordinary skincare products and natural home-made remedies in order to maintain a young and radiant appearance of the face skin.
    Sadly enough, but now time is working against beauty and the problem of poor heredity or lack of in-depth facial care previously can only be solved by regular professional procedures, provided by a beauty salon.
    What is it to do to stop, or at least, slow down the clock ticking ?

  • Natural oils made of nuts and grains

    As it was already mentioned in the blog article "Natural oils", skin oils are mainly produced by cold pressing natural fruits and vegetables, generally form nuts, grains, fruit seeds nd fruits pulp. Among oils, obtained from nuts and grains, there are....