Proper skin care at 25 and over

Facial skin care for someone who is 25 should be focused on preserving beauty and preventing the appearance of wrinkles. Girls at this age rarely think about the aging, their skin is smooth, elastic, has a beautiful turgor and complexion even after a sleepless night. Many of them have the illusion that this will always be the case. As a result - wrinkles at an early age, morning puffiness, dull complexion, as an inevitable consequence of the lack of proper care and improper lifestyle. All unpleasant effects can be prevented if to take care of your face in advance.

Skin care at 25 should include proper cleansing, moisturizing and UV protection. The main task at the same time is to prevent skin dehydration, which leads to the appearance of wrinkles. Do not do traumatic procedures such as peeling. Use only products designed for your skin type. Go not only for the light creams, but also greasy ones, they provide sufficient nutrition to the skin.


For cleansing purposes do not use soap, even liquid type, as it contains too much alkali and destroys the protective layer, use instead a facial cleanser and foaming cream. Do not rub your wet face, but gently blot it with a towel.

Oily skin

Oily skin is prone to pimples and acne up until the menopause. In adolescence, many girls use alcohol-containing cosmetic products to combat them. Exclude them completely as they dry the skin. If numerous pimples are located on the cheeks, and their number does not depend on the phase of the menstrual cycle, contact a dermatologist, you may have demodex folliculorum (also known as pityriasis folliculorum or spinulate demodicosis).

Dry skin

Dry skin at a young age looks soft and beautiful, there are no blackheads, whiteheads, greasy shine on it. It should be remembered though that at a later stage of life it will be prone to dehydration and early appearance of wrinkles.

Sun protection

For a day skincare, choose a cream with SPF. Ultraviolet exposure causes rapid fading and aging, which may not occur immediately. Not only direct sunlight is harmful, but also sun rays, reflected on bright surfaces, while you are in shade. Tanning in the sun bed is very unhealthy and should be given up completely.

Night skincare

For the dry skin, better use a night cream with vegetable cosmetic oils and natural ingredients. Oily skin should be left to rest at night, being thoroughly cleaning previously.

Area around the eyes

At this age, it's time to start using a cream for the skin around the eyes. Regular cream is too heavy for its hydration and nutrition.

At 25 it is not recommended to use beauty products with anti-ageing effect, it is designed for women after 40, as well as many professional procedures. Visit a skin therapis or a beautician to clean, apply masks and massage your face, or do these procedures at home. Specially oily and combination skin types require cleaning.

Face masks

For additional nutrition and hydration of the skin, use face masks. At the age of 25 during the summer, include in your routine skin care fruit, berry and vegetable face masks. Read more about types of masks.

In a winter season, when many vegetables and fruits are not available, clay, honey, lemon or grapefruit can be used in your skin care at home. White (china) clay mixed with kefir or boiled water (to the consistency of a sour cream) effectively relieves inflammation and helps to get rid of acne on oily and combination skin. Read more on different types of cosmetic clay.

Preserving the beauty and health of your skin is always the result of careful care, protection from adverse factors and a proper lifestyle from a young age.

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Young girl uses avocado ina face mask

Fruits and vegetables in a face masks is healthy for a skin at 25

Young girl uses avocado ina face mask

Demodex folliculorum on a young male face

Young girl uses avocado ina face mask

White (china) clay is especially good to tackle oily skin at 25