Facial Skin Care in Spring

Considerable importance in our skincare routine is playing the season and the climate. So, in summer time, when the sun is active and aggressive, it is recommended to use a range of skin products with UV filters, while in spring your skin needs to recover after cold and windy winter weather.

During several winter months we get tired of the cold and snow (in case of the UK it is also the wind and rain), so we welcome the spring awakening of nature with delight. After cold winter, skin protective layer is thinned, it looks gray and dull. Dry skin becomes rough, oily and prone to inflammation. Wrinkles become more noticeable, may appear freckles and acne. The active sun may only exacerbate these problems.

Skin care in spring depends on your type of skin, but there are also general rules:

✔ Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, do not get carried away with flour, sweet and fatty foods, take food supplements such as complex of vitamins and minerals. This will strengthen the body and help to cope with traditional spring vitamin deficiency, which will have a beneficial effect on the skin condition.

✔ Over the winter period loads of toxins accumulate in the body, and the best way to get rid of them is detoxification. Do not be scared off by a long and exhausting diet, to detoxify you can just make a trip to the sauna, hammam or do a lymphatic drainage.

How Can a Professional Help You?

✔ To restore your skin by exfoliating dead skin cells in spring, you may have the following professional treatments: surface peels, scrubs and gommages, laser resurfacing (microdermabrasion). For dry skin, exfoliation is enough to do twice a month, for normal, combined and oily skin -weekly, at least for the a couple of weeks.

What You Can Do at Home ?

👍 Apart from professional care, it is important that you clean your face in the morning and before going to bed. You may not know, but in spring tap water contains high level of chlorine, so it is better to wash your face with boiled water or herbal infusion.

Dry skin

✔ If you have this type, it is recommended to use cleansing milk instead, because their skin produces very little fat, the natural protective film under the action of water is easily washed off. Before each interaction with water, dry skin should be protected with a cream or cosmetic oil.

⚠️ Remember, that if you have a dry skin, you can use only a tonic without alcohol. A simple home recipe of such a tonic would be to pour a tablespoon of oatmeal with a glass of hot milk. The mixture is then cooled and filtered.

Combination skin

✔ It is better to wash your face with a gel or a facial foam. To end up with cleaning your face in the morning, you should apply toning to the skin. Toning removes cleanser left overs, tightens the pores and refreshes the skin.

Oily skin

✔ While taking care of the oily skin in spring, use only tonics with a low alcohol content. However, frequent use of alcohol-containing substances to the oily, normal and combination skin enhances the work of the sebaceous glands, so it is better to use ice cubes made from mint infusion, cucumber or lemon juice and green tea for toning.

Your Skincare Products in Spring

✔ Spring is the best time to check your nourishing face creams. In your daily routine use only the skincare products, containing UV filters that protect it from the harmful UV exposure. Considering that the spring sun is not yet as active as in summer, cream with SPF 10-15 will be quite enough.

⚠️ If you are prone to unwanted freckles and age spots, it is better to increase your cream UV protection to 30 SPF. Choose your skincare products with a light consistency that contain antioxidants, as solar radiation promotes the release of free radicals. Such cosmetic products are sold by all major cosmetic brands.

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