Drink water to prevent the appearance of wrinkles

Skincare specialists advise to drink water as a measure against wrinkles. Being a universal solvent of many chemical elements, it is absolutely indispensable for improving the quality of life, including slowing down the process of ageing in the body.

What a sufficient amount of water, consumed regularly, does to our skin and body?

👍 smoothes facial wrinkles
👍 slows the appearance of deep ones
👍 supports turgor
👍 helps maintain the elasticity of the skin
👍 moisturize the dermis and epidermis from the inside
👍 fights against the inevitable companion of ageing – dehydration
👍 saturates the blood with nutrients, minerals and oxygen, contributing their timely delivery to the body cells and organs
👍 promotes the withdrawal of body-generated waste with sweat and urine

Thus, the constant replenishment of fluid in our body, saturation of our cells and intercellular space with it, contribute to the normal functioning of our body, prolonging youth and slowing down the processes of ageing.
It should be understood that not every liquid does what water does - coffee, tea, cola, guarana and alcohol do not saturate the body with life-giving moisture. On the contrary, they promote water elimination by making you run to the toilet, thus disrupting the healthy electrolyte balance and washing out of the body a lot of necessary microelements and minerals.
It is better to drink mineral (sparkling) water than these beverages, but only a non-carbonated version of it, since carbon dioxide causes an acid-alkaline imbalance, which directly affects the health of our skin.

What does water deficiency do to our skin?

⚠️ skin becomes dull and less elastic, looks tired and dry
⚠️ the formation of collagen and elastin slows down
⚠️ the amount of hyaluronic acid decreases
⚠️ around the eyes appear signs of "rays", and then "crow's feet"

he reasonable amount of water consumption is needed to prevent ageing, although, it is not enough to stop it at all. Much depends on lifestyle, nutrition, skin care, environmental conditions, genetics.

What type of water is the best?

The most useful type of water for maintaining health and slowing down the ageing processes is considered to be melt water. One can prepare it by first freezing the purified drinking water, and then making it melt again. While melting, liquid acquires special structure, which the cells of our body perceive as related. Such water penetrates the cell membranes more easily and activates the metabolism.

As for the chemical composition, the best drinking water is coming from mountain springs, where its purification and saturation with minerals occurs during a long natural process.

Tap water can hardly slow down skin ageing. It is taken from the surface of potable water reservoirs, where are pesticides, lead, mercury, arsenic, radioactive and carcinogenic substances. Later, for disinfection purposes, chlorine, lime, phosphates, carbon, and aluminum sulfate are added. Therefore, if you still want to use tap water, you need to use acertain filtering and cleaning system.
But even purified tap water is still inferior in its qualities to the water, extracted from a natural source in an environmentally clean area. The filter removes harmful substances, but does not add useful ones.

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Water against wrinkles