Mesotherapy - Targeted & non-invasive skin treatment for your face and neck.

You can fall in love with mesotherapy for the skin literally after the first procedure. Penetrating deep into the lower layer of your skin, the technique of injecting mini-injections (papules) activates the body's reserve capabilities, stimulating collagen and elastin production, the powerful effect that neither creams nor masks are capable of this, no matter at what cost.

The secret of the procedure lies in a simple mechanism. Injections of a selected curative cocktail, chosen specifically for your skin type and condition, penetrate the skin for no deeper than 2 mm. This action is apparently enough to awaken the body's own powers.

What is Mesotherapy effective for?

Mesotherapy in injections is recommended not only for the most problematic and sensitive spots under the eyes and zones around the eyes, but it is also effective for the skin all over the body. However, the main application area for mesotherapy remains the face.

What Mesotherapy products are used in Beauty Salon in Richmond?

Skincare therapist Dana has various ingredients for mesotherapy, but the most popular and effective is HYALAX © EYE CONTOUR and HYALAX © MESO WHITE.

Both products are designed to for skin lightening, treatment of local and diffuse pigmentation, post traumatic pigmentation, post acne, smoothing fine lines, etc.

What defects can be solved using non-invasive facial mesotherapy and in how many sessions?

  • Facelift injections:

    if you notice signs of aging, including changes in the face shape, signs of fatigue and sagging skin, beauty injections in our Beauty Salon will help to remove problems in the course of 4 – 6 treatments.
  • Meso to eliminate dark circles under the eyes

    to remove even pronounced bags under the eyes, it will take from 1 to 4 sessions.
  • Meso to tighten eyelid skin:

    The course of 4 to 6 procedures recommended.
  • Mesotherapy for skin pigmentation:

    come to have meso treatment sessions to eliminate pigmentation, including age-related, hormonal darkening of the skin, as well as colour changes that appear after acne condition. The course of monotherapy is 4-10 procedures every 7-10 days.
  • Meso for skin rejuvenation – wrinkle treatment during anti-ageing therapy:

    mini injections of DMAE is universal rejuvenating ingredient that starts the active synthesis of all dermal structures, promotes skin thickening and helps to restore the skin's healthy appearance, and you can see the result just after the first session. The anti-aging effect lasts about a year, but often you can see results for up to 1.5 years. It all depends on the number of sessions you had and your skin type.
  • Mesotherapy for acne and post-acne scars:

    remove acne rashes, including removing scars and post-scars, left after acne. The course of monotherapy is 4-10 procedures every 7-10 days.
  • Meso for neck, decolette and hand – anti -ageing therapy:

    the special set of the ingredients of the solution, which have been selected to match the needs of the skin during the period when the rate of repair slows down , helps to stop the ageing process, restore damaged dermis. The course of monotherapy is 4-10 procedures once a week.
  • Supporting course:

    individually, once every 1-3 months, excluding the summer period.

How long does Mesotherapy last?

Regularly face Mesotherapy effect n your skin lasts for for 12 months, but in many cases it can last up to 18 months.

Clients who come to skincare therapist Dana to have regular vitamin injections notice changes in the quality of their skin as little as the first session of the course. Regular procedures literally make time go back. Even skincare care products, applied to the skin afterward, rejuvenated by mesotherapy prior, will have a stronger effect. The best mesotherapy for eyes, performed in our Beauty Salon, will smooth out wrinkles and lines, remove puffiness, and improve skin elasticity around the eyes.

What is Mesotherapy session cost and duration?

Facial or neck mesotherapy in Richmond is affordable, however final cost depends on the meso cocktail (a blend of vitamins, minerals, serum, antioxidants, amino acids, hyaluronic acid, etc.), if the treatment is invasive (with needle) or non-invasive (needless), and a number of sessions (more sessions - better price). Every session lasts 60 mins.

Call to the Beauty Salon or Dana directly to arrange further a FREE consultation to discuss your skin condition and further requirements. Upon your skin examination Dana will advise a meso cocktail you would most benefit from, recommend a number of sessions required and fix the date / convenient for You.

Beauty does not require sacrifice, it only requires care, attention, and professional care. All this you are offered by aesthetician and skincare therapist Dana in Richmond Beauty Salon.

Hyalax Meso WHITE product
HYALAX © MESO WHITE product for acne and pigmentation issues, face & neck areas
Hyalax meso products at Beauty Salon by Dana in Richmond, TW9 1UF
HYALAX © MESO products at Beauty Salon by Dana in Richmond, TW9 1UF
Hyalax Eye Contour product
HYALAX © EYE CONTOUR product for mesotherapy around the eyes zone

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