Diamond microdermabrasion - your rejuvenating solution.

The life of a modern city resident, for example, a resident of Richmond, is like a marathon. Me-time and self-care take a back seat. Is it possible to remain beautiful in the routine of daily tasks and activities? Aesthetician and Skincare Therapist Dana from Beauty salon in Richmond knows the answer to this question.

There are a lot of procedures for the face — how to choose the right one?

Richmond Beauty Salon provides various cosmetic services and facial treatments. Before every facial microdermabrasion procedure, Dana performs a Dermalogica skin analysis to distinguish 14 zoned on your face that may be more or less impacted by stress and environment and in need of good care. Then Dana chooses the best facial treatment.

Which non-invasive method is effective?

Certainly Diamond microdermabrasion is a very powerful procedure with immediate effect. Diamond microdermabrasion is an innovative and very popular procedure at present. In our Richmond Beauty Salon this facial treatment is carried out using a modern glo diamond microdermabrasion system - skin resurfacing tips are covered with the smallest diamond chips on the outside, so diamond microdermabrasion of the face is one of the most delicate cosmetic procedures in the beauty therapy.

Will diamond microdermabrasion work for my sensitive skin?

Yes. Skincare Therapist Dana in Richmond recommends using diamond microdermabrasion for:

  • all skin types, including the most sensitive areas of the face
  • to smooth out wrinkles on the neck, around the mouth and eyes
  • to combat age spots and acne in ageing skin
  • to reduce to get read of scars

Is it really not painful at all?

No, it is not. Diamond microdermabrasion is aimed at gently removing the top keratinized layer of skin while avoiding to affect the epidermis. The probability of skin inflammation or irritation after diamond microdermabrasion is minimal.

Diamond microdermabrasion in fact, is different from chemical peel facial because the Skincare Therapist does not use any chemical substance. Unlike chemical peel facial, microdermabrasion treatment is hypoallergenic and is allowed to have even to pregnant women.

The treatment itself is very simple and takes only a few minutes. Immediately after the microdermabrasion, you will feel comfortable going for a walk around Richmond with no discomfort to your skin and will be grateful for that to your therapist Dana.

What is the cost of Diamond microdermabrasion?

In this Richmond Beauty Salon you are offered a competitive price of 65 GBP for a 60 min session.

How long does the effect last after the diamond microdermabrasion session?

The result will be noticeable already after the first session of microdermabrasion on the face. Dana recommends scheduling your next visit for the microdermabrasion facial right now!

Skincare therapist Dana in Richmond wishes you stay beautiful and have your perfect skin all the time without spending much time or money!

Diamond Dermabrasion machine is one of the latest innovative tecnologies in rejuvenating tretaments, so popular in Richmond
Diamond Dermabrasion is one of the latest innovative rejuvenating treatment in Richmond, London
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