Stay beautiful at any age with a Dermapen microneedling facial.

Any woman wants to look young and well-groomed for as long as possible. Today, beauty salons offer a wide range of services to improve your look and rejuvenate the skin. One of the recent innovations in aesthetics and beauty therapy — Dermapen microneedling.

How does Dermapen work?

Before the start of Dermapen facial treatment, a special meso cocktail is applied to the skin. The cocktail can contain hyaluronic acid, vitamins, serum, etc. tailored to individual skin conditions and the ultimate goal to achieve.

Microneedling procedure then is performed using a dermaroller with a microneedle cartridge. Acting on the skin at different speeds and depths, the needles produce from 3000 to 5500 punctures per minute. Light punching of the skin surface activate cell receptors, increasing the synthesis and production of collagen and elastin, so the skin becomes more supple and smooth and takes the young and healthy appearance

Microneedles ensure delivery of up to 80% of the active substances to the deep layers of the epidermis, while normally applied cream is absorbed no more than 5%.

What is Microneedling treatment good for ?

Dermapen treatment is used to treat a wide range of skin conditions:

  • to heal burns, acne scars and eczema
  • to heal skin pigmentation
  • to fight hair loss and stimulate hair growth
  • to increase skin elasticity
  • to reduce wrinkles
  • to rejuvenate hands
  • to get rid of stretch marks and sagging

How often should I have Dermapen Microneedling treatment?

The acceptable frequency of sessions depends on the length of the needles used.

  • If the short needles (0.5 mm) are used for the treatment, it is advisable to repeat it after a week.
  • When longer needles (0.7 mm) are used, the next session should be held in 30 days.
  • It is recommended to have an entire course of Dermapen microneedling treatment once a year.
  • Treatment for hair loss10 sessions (once a week with use of the shortest, 0.25-0.5. mm needle).
  • Treatment for scars and stretch marks - you need at least 8 sessions (once a month).
  • Treatment for pigmentation - it is recommended to have 6 sessions (once a week).
  • 3 times is enough as a preventive measure.

What is Dermapen microneedling treatment cost and duration?

Beauty by Dana Salon offers Dermapen treatment for the price of 150 GBP per single treatment. During the course, every 5th treatment is FREE. The treatment lasts from 1 to 1.5 hour and includes anesthesia before Dermapen application and soothing mask to calm the skin after the facial treatment.

Dermapen microneedling in Richmond
Dermapen microneedling is a rejuvenating facial with use of the latest technology
Dermapen microneedling in Richmond
Acne skin condition on face BEFORE and AFTER Dermapen microneedling procedure.
Dermapen microneedling in Richmond
Dermapen microneedling is one of the most popular treatments in Richmond for hair loss.

What are the advantages of Dermapen ?

  • It is painless - Dermapen microneedles are very thin and do not cause discomfort, penetrating the skin. Light skin soreness is normal afterwards.
  • It is effective - it helps in solving numerous problems and provides a long-term result. As a preventive measure, the effect of Dermapen microneedles is especially noticeable in aging skin.
  • All body parts - Microneedles can be applied to the face, as well as the body (hands, neck, shoulders, etc).
  • All skin types - Dermapen is suitable for all skin types. However, pregnant women are not recommended to have microneedles treatment.

Visit the best Beauty Salon in Richmond for the Dermapen microneedling procedure, done by aesthetic and skincare therapist Dana.

MicroNeedling Procedure Video by Dermapen®
MicroNeedling for Acne Scars - Dermapen® Treatment

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